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About Us

Chummy’s Organix

Experience an alternative lifestyle with Chummy’s Organix. Curated to your personal wellness and health needs, and accommodating to any schedule. Through education workshops, private & group therapy sessions, as well as collaborative lifestyle events you can be confident when telling your friends that Chummy’s Organix is the “best cbd near me”. We believe what’s good for the Earth is good for you! Trust in our educated network of wellness professionals to walk you through maintaining optimal health and natural healing.

Chummy’s Organix is a family-owned lifestyle brand specializing in premium health and wellness products and curated experiences that meet the needs of its clientele. Our products offer alternative methods for natural healing and maintaining optimal health. We offer educational workshops, private/group therapy sessions and collaborative lifestyle events that feature hand-selected health and wellness professionals within our ecosystem such as Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Estheticians and more.

Why Chummy’s Organix

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Every great company starts with a why. Ours is simple. Back in 2017, a close friend of mine’s mom was furloughed from her job, and eventually lost her health benefits 1 year later. This was unfortunate because she relied on her prescription to treat her severe Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. After months of researching alternative options and holistic remedies, we became very interested and impressed with our findings on the positive health benefits of CBD. Although CBD hasn’t been approved by the FDA for curing Arthritis, studies has shown that CBG and Curcumin may help aid joint discomfort and pain relief. That’s when we decided to launch Chummy’s Organix in 2020. 

We believe the more passionate you are about helping people, the more thorough your service and product quality will be. That’s why we make sure that every last one of our products are organically made and sourced from the highest quality of ingredients. All of our products have been through a full contamination panel derived from lawfully sourced hemp all stemming from farms that are certified by the U.S. Hemp  Authority Program. We ensure 3rd party testing with provided COA’s on each new batch of product that you can find when you click on your selected item at chummysorganix.com. We strongly believe what’s good for the earth is good for you! 

Founder & CEO

– Elijah Hamilton