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About Us

Chummy’s Organix

Experience an alternative lifestyle with Chummy’s Organix. Curated to your personal wellness and health needs, and accommodating to any schedule. Through education workshops, private & group therapy sessions, as well as collaborative lifestyle events you can be confident when telling your friends that Chummy’s Organix is the “best cbd near me”. We believe what’s good for the Earth is good for you! Trust in our educated network of wellness professionals to walk you through maintaining optimal health and natural healing.

Chummy’s Organix is a family-owned lifestyle brand specializing in premium health and wellness products and curated experiences that meet the needs of its clientele. Our products offer alternative methods for natural healing and maintaining optimal health. We offer educational workshops, private/group therapy sessions and collaborative lifestyle events that feature hand-selected health and wellness professionals within our ecosystem such as Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Estheticians and more.

Why Chummy’s Organix

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Dear Friends,

My journey into the heart of wellness and natural healing wasn’t just a business decision; it was personal. At Chummy’s Organix, we see wellness as a shared family journey, rooted deeply in empathy, care, and the healing hands of nature. My own path was illuminated by a pressing need within my close circle: a dear friend’s struggle with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, in the face of losing her health benefits. This challenge propelled me to delve into the potential of alternative, holistic remedies, where I discovered the promising landscape of CBD for natural pain relief and wellness.

Yet, this venture into the healing arts isn’t just my story. It is intricately woven with the wisdom and spirit of my mother, the bedrock of our family’s venture into holistic health. Since my childhood, she has been the beacon of natural healing within our family, crafting remedies with essential oils and herbal extracts that brought relief and joy to many around us. Her intuitive knowledge and passion for natural wellness have now found a new platform through our non-CBD product line at Chummy’s Organix, marking her as the pioneer behind these cherished formulations.

Founded in 2021, Chummy’s Organix stands as a beacon of nature’s unparalleled potential for healing and well-being. Our brand is synonymous with purity, education, and a relentless pursuit of quality. We specialize in top-tier hemp-derived CBD products and a curated selection of goods infused with the finest essential oils and herbal extracts. Our commitment extends beyond crafting exemplary wellness products; it encompasses nurturing a well-informed community through our holistic wellness educational efforts and collaborative events.

This journey of wellness is steeped in a profound passion for uplifting others, a philosophy that permeates every aspect of our service and product creation. We champion organic practices and meticulous sourcing, ensuring that our offerings are not only beneficial for your body but are also respectful of the earth. Our adherence to stringent quality standards, validated by thorough testing and certifications, underscores our promise of purity and trust.

At Chummy’s Organix, we are guided by the age-old wisdom that the earth’s gifts are the purest form of medicine, a belief my mother has instilled in us through generations. I invite you to join us in embracing a life enriched by the potent, healing essence of nature.

Warmest regards,

Founder & CEO

– Elijah Hamilton