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Joseph Pilates said “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”. Pilates, the fitness system that bears his name, was created to develop good health through exercise. A hundred years later exercise has become a big part of modern culture.*  It’s common knowledge that “fitness” is linked to our health, our longevity and our success. There are many methods and many reasons people exercise. The methods can be low intensity like walking or high intensity like CrossFit. The ultimate  reason people exercise is to better themselves. Being in shape looks good and feels good. So much so, fitness has become an industry.

“Just Do it !”


We are constantly reminded of the importance of exercise through the TV, the Internet, social media, sports, gyms and entertainment. The fitness industry has permeated all parts of our lives. The modern trends in fitness started with the Running craze of the 70’s, Aerobics in the 80’s, Tae Bo and Spinning in the 90’s, Zumba in the 2000’s, CrossFit in the 2010’s, all the way up to HIIT (high intensity interval training) in the 2020’s.* From Urban dwellers to professional athletes people are committed  to improving their health and performance.

 Keep on Movin’

Our bodies are designed to move. Unless your job has physical requirements, exercise is the only way to keep yourself moving. If you’re motivated you can do anything you put your mind too. The difficulty with exercise lies in finding the time to “Do It!” and its convenience. Fortunately it has never been easier to exercise. You can take a walk, buy equipment, join a gym, take a class, hire a trainer or turn on your webcam and do it remotely. “Running water never stagnates” is a common idea shared by many movement teachers and trainers. Moving the body keeps our lives moving. 

Preparation, Recovery and Performance

Preparation, Recovery and Performance are stages of training. Preparation is the starting point for any type of training. What you did before affects what you’re going to do next. It’s not just about making the commitment it’s also making sure that you can give your best to get the best results. Methods of training like Yoga emphasize stretching, where as methods like Weight Lifting emphasize muscle building. Either approach will put the body through a cycle of stress to recovery. The idea being that with each cycle the body strengthens itself to repeat the task.

Recovery is the bridge between preparation and performance. It’s both the end and the beginning of the training cycle. It’s the end because it’s the process your body goes through after training. It’s also the beginning because how well you recover determines the quality of your next training session. Without recovering properly the body will not achieve its maximum potential. It may sound extreme to the casual fitness enthusiast but if your purpose is to get better, then the maximum result for your effort should be the reward.

Performance is the most complicated component. How well you perform is determined by a combination of how well you’ve prepared and how well you’ve recovered. Measuring success in any type of physical task varies by type and goal. For an athlete reaching “peak fitness” is the goal for training. Reaching the “peak’ at the proper time is the difference between winning or losing. Without the demands of competing success is more subtle. Winning is just getting good results for your effort. To put it simply, we feel good when we perform well.

What do the Pros do?

For professional athletes winning is everything. An athlete’s body is their greatest asset. They follow the latest trends in fitness tools to get the edge. To maintain “peak performance” they are always in a continuous cycle of training. Recovery being the bridge between Preparation and Performance takes an even greater significance. The 2 biggest obstacles in recovery are inflammation and pain. UFC fighter Nate Diaz shocked people with an on camera after fight vaping session. When asked about what he was vaping he said “It’s CBD. It helps with the healing process and inflammation, stuff like that. So you want to get these for before and after the fights, training. It’ll make your life a better place,” *


Inflammation is the bodies defense mechanism for stress or injury. It can initiate pain and swelling. When the soft tissues of the body (muscles tendons and joints) are pushed past their limits the immune system responds by flooding the area with blood. The blood brings specialized cells that clean up internal debris and stimulate healing.* it is the physical result of training, working hard physically or competing. It is a necessary process toward healing. Pushing yourself to perform better has a cost. 


Pain is what we feel when something is wrong (or right if you’re a masochist). Physically it’s an unpleasant sensation sent from the body right into your brain. Some pain you can minimize and some pain will stop you in your tracks. Learning to understand what pain is telling you is paramount to maintaining your personal fitness. It tells you when you are making progress and when you’ve over done it. The right amount of it lets you know you’ve pushed yourself to get stronger. Too much lets you know that you have an injury that you need to address. Pain management is another component to successful training and performance.

“Mamma said knock you out”

LL. Cool J

No one understands pain and inflammation better than combat sports athletes. The goal of Boxing, BNB (Bare Knuckle Boxing) MMA, Kickboxing, Ju-Jitsu, ETC is to beat your opponent through submission or knockout. There is a reason Nate Diaz’s is puffing on CBD vape pens. If you’ve ever seen his face after a UFC fight you know the type punishment involved in professional fighting. He knows that CBD is a useful tool for his health and success. In fact many modern athletes are using CBD for maintaining peak performance. CBD companies are now partnering with athletes from the NBA, the NFL and other sports. CBD has become part of the fitness industry. It is becoming a common supplement for exercise and sports training. 

What can CBD do for me?

CBDs physical effects are directly related to is usefulness as a training supplement. Its effect on the 2 biggest obstacles to Recovery are significant. When the immune system floods an area with blood the specialized cells in it release proteins controlling inflammation called Cytokines. CBD has an effect on inflammation by connecting with the CB2 receptors of the immune cells to stimulates an anti-inflammatory protein called the Caspase. The Caspase activates the start of cell death which reduces the production of pro-inflammatory Cytokines. CBD also increases the production of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) also leading to cell death reducing inflammation.

CBD”s effect on pain is connected to its reduction in Cytokine production and stimulation of the endocannabinoid, Serotonin and Capsaicin receptors. The endocannabinoid system regulates the bodies pain sensations. It is believed that the stimulation of the Serotonin receptors produces Analgesia. The Capsaicin receptors response is similar to how hot peppers first burn, then cause numbness. One of the best benefits is that CBD does not harm healthy cells and has limited side effects.*

Maintaining Peak Fitness

Reaching your peak is an analogy about climbing up and over obstacles to reach the top. Once you get to the top you don’t want to go back down. CBD products are a way to help climb up and stay in top shape. CBD can be ingested, used sublingually (under the tongue) or through inhalation. There are also lotions and oils that can be directly applied to the skin. Chummys Organix provides CBD, CBG and DELTA-8 products for self care that you can use with confidence knowing that they contain the best quality ingredients, made with the best manufacturing methods and are fully tested for purity. Look through our catalog and you’ll find our – Revitalize Lotion, Freeze gel Roll On, CBG Mint Oil, Nano Soft Gels, Delta-8 Gummies, Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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